The making of "Transformation"

The making of "Transformation"

Many hours go into making Art Quilts. I can't live long enough to create the many quilts I have stored in my head. I though I would share with you the process I go through to create one of my Art Works.

Stage 1 "The Idea"
I often wake in the morning with an idea for a quilt in my head. But in the case of quilts for competitions where a thyme has been specified I will spend possibly more time thinking about, designing and working out how I will make the quilt than I do actually making the quilt.
It is the part of creativity that is not recongized or could be understood by the non artist. 

Stage 2 "The Making Bit"
I dont know about other textile artist I find that even my most well planed quilt or project will transform as it is created. "Transformation" was most defiantly on of those quilts. It had a life of its own.
I use images to work from. These usually come for my own photos or those of friends or royalty free web sites where you pay to use the image. I chose a lovely hand dyed batik for the back ground. I then started to build the face up with bits of fabric. I have a large stash of fabric but found I had to go and find more blues to complete this quilt. I use a fabric glue stick to tack the pieces onto the back ground.

Once I have a section down and I am happy with it I then freestyle embroider over the fabric to give it more depth and detail. This also secures the fabric.
More sewing more adding more changing my mind.

 Making of the feathers and butterfly's. These where done in the hoop with free style machine embroidery

At the last minute I decided to cut the woman from the background a create my own.

I heavily stitched over the whole surface.
Then re attached and stitched the woman back onto the top.
The top was ready to be quilted and bound.

This quilt was not as I first through it would be it really did have a mind of its own. There was birds in the one I imaged but every time I tried to do bird things it failed so I gave up and the butterfly's happened.