It has been a while since I have had a moment to blog.
Just when I thought life could not be more crazy and full it does.
We now are the proud owners of a house and land a Chudleigh Tasmania that we will soon be renovation into The Tasmanian Wildlife Gallery. I think my art work and quilting will be taking a back seat for the next 12 months while we get this all happening.
Things are going well at Elemental Artspace and i have sold quite a few quilts of late. Finding time to replace them is the challenge. I did manage to get a couple of quilts done in the last 2 moths. This ones a Leafy Sea dragon. For the TQG seahorse challenge.
 The two quilts below are for an exhibition called Highland Tartan's. It was displayed over the craft fair. Now they are doing a little touring around Tassie.
 Mothers Cumming Peak
Drys bluff


  1. I hope for our selfish sakes, that you still get time to quilt are an inspiration..


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